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Treatwater Pty Ltd ~ Wastewater Treatment Specialists

Located in Perth, Australia, Treatwater designs, installs, and commissions, wastewater treatment plants in Australia and South East Asia.

Treatwater Pacific began operations in late 1993 in Thailand.
The company offered consultancy services to the fish farming industry and recognised the need for wastewater treatment in Western Australia from the large number of enquiries being passed on by an associate there.

To complement their consultancy based service capabilities, Treatwater Pacific began manufacturing and installing wastewater treatment plants in Western Australia. The company still maintains a small base in Southern Thailand to capture the tourism and food industry markets there and to serve as a bridgehead in the general SE Asian region.

Treatwater Pacific has enjoyed a reputation for providing a suite of cost effective, efficient, easily maintainable wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), pumping stations and oil/water separators which produce a high quality effluent suitable for reuse in, for example, agriforestry applications.

A recent waste water treatment project was undertaken in a remote tropical jungle environment and produces 600 kL.
waste water treatment plant

 wastewater treatment palnt

With the continued active involvement of the founding partners, the new entity has been strengthened with the support of a professional business development manager and ecotoxicologist to operate as a stand-alone entity under the company name of Treatwater Pty Ltd. (See wastewater treatment plant employees).

Treatwater Pty Ltd generally supply from 10 to 5,000 equivalent person (EP) sewage treatment systems in packaged form with pumping stations to Office of Water Regulation of Western Australia requirements primarily to mining, food and beverage industry and grouped dwellings. Local Authority applications are typically cast in-situ concrete construction.

As a result of the range of treatment types available from mini single tank units (11 to 100 EP) through high rate, small footprint plants to traditional Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR's) we offer reliable low capital cost, high quality final effluent product with simple (and short lead time) erection and dismantling. The plants are highly regarded by military and camp type industry for transient or permanent remote location drill and blast operations.

With over 40 units now operating in WA, Ireland and the Philippines, we would refer to both our current and recent projects and Treatwater Pacifics' previous project history in providing wastewater treatment consultancy as testimony to our new capability and competence to provide a complete, seamless, cost effective wastewater solution for your project.